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'Breaking Bad' breaks its own Twitter record with Sunday's gut-wrenching episode

Sunday’s emotional, painful-to-watch episode of “Breaking Bad” topped the weekly Twitter charts for the second time in a row, generating a record number of tweets since the AMC series began its final run in August.

“Ozymandias” produced 598,500 tweets on Sunday — nearly double the number it had last week when it was the most-tweeted entertainment program.

That’s also more than the 565,000 tweets the series generated during its Aug. 11 premiere, according to the Nielsen company SocialGuide, which releases a weekly Top 10 list of the “most social” TV programs on Twitter.

Here’s a look at last week’s Top 10 non-sports programs on Twitter:

1. “Breaking Bad” (AMC), Sept. 15: 598,500 tweets

2. “The 2014 Miss America Competition” (ABC), Sept. 15: 462,800 tweets

3. “The X Factor” (Fox), Sept. 12: 403,400 tweets

4. “The X Facotr” (Fox), Sept. 11: 357,200 tweets

5. “Presidential Address” (multiple), Sept. 10: 232,300 tweets

6. “Sons of Anarchy” (FX), Sept. 10: 178,200 tweets

7. “Catfish: The TV Show” (MTV), Sept. 10: 161,500 tweets

8. “WWE Monday Night Raw” (USA), Sept. 9: 161,000 (Nielsen SocialGuide considers professional wrestling entertainment, not sports)

9. “WWE Night of Champions” (pay per view), Sept. 15: 136,700 tweets

10. “Burn Notice” (USA), Sept. 12: 73,000 tweets

Source: SocialGuide, a Nielsen company. Measures Twitter activity of first-run series episodes, live special events (not including sports), movies and miniseries across 239 TV channels.