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Sandra Bullock opens up about Jesse James, young son Louis

Sandra Bullock has delved into how she has dealt with ex-husband Jesse James’ cheating scandal that quickly led to the end of their marriage. In the October issue of Vogue, the Oscar winner philosophically reflected on James’ multiple affairs and their ultimate divorce by saying, “We’re all where we’re supposed to be. I am exactly where I want to be now. You can’t go backward. I’m not going backward.

“Nobody can be prepared for anything. If you end up in a place where you can look back and go, ‘It happened, but I’m lucky to be sitting where I am sitting.”

†Clearly the arrival of son Louis in her life in 2010 was a huge plus in Bullock’s life. She will not let her major career — including garnering early Oscar buzz for her upcoming “Gravity” outer space thriller — hinder her parenting.

“I think this business can take the child out of kids so quickly. I don’t want him to have pressures brought on by what I do. I will quit. I will leave. If I see whatever I’m doing affecting him negatively, I will pack up and move to Alaska.”