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Santiago gets rest, Quintana a shot at 200 IP

With Hector Santiago being skipped in the six-man rotation, Andre Rienzo (Friday), Chris Sale (Saturday) and Erik Johnson (Sunday) will start against the Tigers in Detroit, and Jose Quintana will face the Blue Jays at home Monday in makeup game.

“The last few starts, he just looks tired,’’ Ventura said. “Just give him a rest and see what happens next time out.’’

By pitching Monday, Quintana lines up for an extra start on the last day of the season against the Royals and a shot at reaching the 200-inning mark in his second season.

Quintana started against the Twins Tuesday looking to avoid his 18th no-decision of the season. He went into the game with 179 2/3 innings pitched with two possible starts after Tuesday’s.