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The Evening Rush for Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013

Bill Daley pulls out of governor’s race

That didn’t last long. Just a few weeks after jumping into Illinois’ governor’s race, Bill Daley has bowed out after having a change of heart.

“I felt very strongly that as I began to look at this over the next five to nine years, which would be needed to straighten out the situation, that commitment, that need that energy for that stage was probably not going to be there,” Daley said. [Sun-Times]

Navy Yard shooter was undergoing treatment

The former Navy reservist had been suffering from paranoia and a sleep disorder, according to officials. [Sun-Times]

Back to gun control

Another mass shooting in the United States, another attempt at gun control legislation. [Politico]

$24 million in TIF cash to schools

Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday that $24 million in TIF funds would go toward upgrading three schools. [Sun-Times]

Aussies protesting in Chicago

A planned McDonald’s near an Australian national park led to a protest outside the Rock N Roll McDonald’s. [Sun-Times]

Declining middle class

New data from the Census Bureau shows the average American family makes less than it did in 1989. [Washington Post]

Lou Malnati’s sidewalk cafe clash

“I’ve got a really flatulent dog, so I can just walk him back and forth during dinner service,” threatens one resident. [DNAinfo Chicago]

RIP Svengoolie

The TV personality who created the original “Svengoolie” has died. [Huffington Post Chicago]

‘Mad Men’ split

Plenty of folks are upset with the news that the final season of ‘Mad Men’ will be split into two. [Voices]

The Bright One

Hub Arkush sizes up the Bears against the eight other 2-0 teams. [Sun-Times]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

Meet the Cartel leader whose drug empire is driving Chicago violence. [Bloomberg]