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'Spinning Plates' documentary set for Oct. 25 opening in Chicago

The documentary “Spinning Plates,” Joseph Levy’s look at the personal stories behind three disparate restaurants and their impacts on the world’s culinary landscape, gets its Chicago premiere on Oct. 25 at Landmark Century, 2828 N. Clark.

Among the film’s “stars” is Chef Grant Achatz, the toque behind two of Chicago’s most iconic and tony restaurants, Alinea (the Michelin three-star rated eatery at 1723 N. Halsted) and his uber-innovative, “advance tickets required” Next (953 W. Fulton Market). The documentary also features the 150-year-old, family-run Breitbach’s Country Dining restaurant in Sherrill, Iowa (the oldest restaurant in the state, reborn from a devastating fire in 2007), and the now defunct family-run La Cocina de Gabby in Tuscon, Ariz.