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8 september 18 2013

1 Parking rage

Judges at the Leighton Criminal Court Building are angrily refusing to comply with new security procedures at the outdoor lot where the park, a review found. One judge was so mad, he called 911 to report being “unlawfully restrained” for not showing ID. [Sun-Times]

2 Trust me, I’m a drug dealer

A man charged with supplying guns to Chicago gangs testifies that he’s just a marijuana dealer with a gun collection. Prosecutors say David “Big Dave” Lewisbey acquired luxury cars and a cache of 100 weapons by buying guns in Indiana and reselling them in some of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods. [Sun-Times]

3 Big move at Walgreen

Walgreen Co. is expected to announce today that it’s moving 120,000 employees to a private health insurance exchange. [Reuters]

4 Medical District gets developer

The Illinois Medical District tapped Higgins Development Partners to lead construction of a planned $163 million hotel-retail-residential project at 2020 W. Ogden. [Sun-Times]

5 Opportunity swaps

New rules brought on by the Dodd-Frank Act are signaling opportunity for the CME and Chicago’s Eris Exchange. [FT] (registration required)

6 Brand building

Prophet’s two-floor West Loop office feels like one space thanks to a staircase brought in through the window with a crane. Grid’s Meg Graham shows us around the stylish digs designed by the marketing firm itself. [Grid]

7 ‘A lot of carbs’

In an attempt to simulate poverty-induced hunger, Panera Bread’s CEO is trying to eat on just $4.50 per day for a week. It’s tough and he can’t eat at his own restaurants. [WSJ]

8 Groupon go-getter

Rajen Ruparell has hustle. He came to Groupon after it snapped up a deals site he’d founded and now he’s head of global sales and running its growing Groupon Goods business. [FT]