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It could be worse: Chicago ranks 58th for most difficult city to live in with allergies

Sun-Times file photo

At times it might seem like the End of Days for those with allergies in Chicago, but a new study from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America shows things could be worse.

Chicago ranks 58th on the list of the America’s “allergy capitals,” down from 57th last year. The study examined pollen counts during allergy season, prescribed allergy medicine use and the number of board certified allergists in the area. The worst city (Wichita, KS) was assigned a score of 100 and cities were factored down from there. Chicago has a pathetic score of 58.25.

It’s understandable that Chicago’s allergen sufferers might question these results. 2013’s allergy season has been longer and seems worse than years past. But you can’t argue with the science.

It could always be worse: you could live in one of the pollen-laden hellscapes in the top 10.

[Via Huffington Post]