The Evening Rush for Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013

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David Koschman’s mother, Nanci, last December. | Sun-Times Media

Cops can’t be charged in Koschman case

Nearly 10 months after former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko was indicted in the 2004 death of David Koschman, a grand jury investigation into the way police and prosecutors handled the case has ended, and no new indictments will be issued. Special prosecutor Dan K. Webb on Thursday didn’t exonerate police of wrongdoing in their original investigation of Koschman’s death, saying only that the statute of limitations on bringing criminal charges in connection with their 2004 probe has expired.

[Sun-Times | Complete Koschman Coverage | Mark Brown]

Worker killed in sewers during storm

Sewer worker Gustavo Briceno died after being trapped in a sewer in Avondale as storms ravaged the area. [Sun-Times]

Why Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel loves Chicago

“There are four main reasons: transportation, ethnic makeup, size and gang culture.” [Chicago Magazine]

Pope’s new tune

Pope Francis says the Catholic Church can’t be “obsessed” with rules on abortion, gay marriage and contraceptives. [Sun-Times]

Of thieves and CTA maps

The CTA has spent $216,000 to buy 85,000 maps in the last two years — an average of 71 maps per rail car. [NBC Chicago]

Fighting school dropouts with Magic

Magic Johnson was in town Wednesday to promote a new movement to fight high school dropout rates. [Sun-Times]

Hillary on Quinn: the “luckiest politician”

Hillary Clinton weighs in on Bill Daley dropping out of the governor’s race. [Sun-Times]

224 tweets to love

A new study says it only takes 224 tweets and 163 text messages for couples to fall in love. [The Telegraph]

‘Mountain Dew mouth’ plagues Appalachia

Sugary drinks plus lack of quality dental care lead to calls for food-stamp reform. [NPR]

Just ‘harmless fun,’ says terrifying crown

A creepy clown in England who has drawn international attention explains what he’s up to. [The Independent]

The Bright One

The Reader’s Ben Joravsky on the mayor’s “TIF games.” [Chicago Reader]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

Scientists have found the ideal body language to get you served in a bar. You can’t argue with science. [The Guardian]

The Latest
Brandon Johnson says he’d hire 200 more detectives while Paul Vallas vows to build the detective ranks to 10% of overall staffing. The next mayor will also have to address the controversial spike in people being stopped for traffic violations.
On March 31, 2003, bulldozers sent by Mayor Richard M. Daley destroyed the runway at Meigs Field. The move was seen then and now as an example of mayoral overreach.
It seemed to dawn on Reichel that the Hawks need him to take charge of their offense, provided he doesn’t do so in a reckless way. He powered their best performance in a while, even in a 5-3 defeat.