Tabletop catapults, spinning decanters and more from Kickstarter

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Each week Grid rounds up the most conspicuous Chicago projects on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site that connects everyday inventors with everyday investors. You may say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or perhaps, “Good luck with that.” But we’re not here to judge — it’s your money.

NEW: 3-Switch Revolving Decanter and Glassware. A set of wine glasses is just an introduction to a store and maker space proposed by designer Patrick Fitzpatrick and glassblower Brent Rogers. The two also want to teach customers to DIY: “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in Chicago had access to a laser cutter or rapid prototyper?” Cheers to that. Seeking: $10,000 by Sept. 23.

NOW: Swirlgear. In Kickstarter terms, a $150,000 campaign is kind of like a marathon. Swirlgear surely knows it’s not going to finish, but it may not matter: The women’s running gear brand already has a line of longer-cut tops in splashy spray-dye color schemes. Now it’s looking to add new styles and four more colors. Raised so far: $4,996, or 3 percent of its goal.

WOW: Medieval Combat Tabletop Game. Our knowledge of siege weapons starts and stops with “Game of Thrones.” But maybe you need a CAD-designed, 3-D-printed catapult. Days to go: 20 to raise $3,000.

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