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Emery: Bears didn't shop Bennett

Wide receiver Earl Bennett practiced in full Monday, saying “the plan” is for him to be able to play in the Bears’ season-opener Sunday against the Browns.

Bennett, who had been out with concussion symptoms,said he saw “several specialists” to receive assurances the injury was not career-threatening.

“Just get back in the groove of things, get my wind back up, get back in the huddle and get ready to play this week,” he said.

Earlier Monday, Bears general manager Phil Emery shot down a report from last week that he was looking to trade the veteran. Last week’s Tweeted rumor “didn’t come from us” and the Bears weren’t asked for confirmation, “which I find odd,” Emery said.

The rumor was news to Bennett.

“My guys, my agent, nobody told me anything,” he said. That’s all, I guess, just word of mouth.”

He called Emery “a man of his word” when he said the trade wasn’t an option last week.

“If he said it wasn’t, it wasn’t,” he said.

Coach Marc Trestman said “it may not be plausible” for Bennett to play Sunday as he looks to regain his conditioning and practice reps.

“We’ll see how he looks,” he said.