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Inside the NFL numbers by STATS

Courtesy of Bears writer Adam Jahns and the folks at STATS: At 2-0, the Bears couldn’t have asked for a better start under new coach Marc Trestman. But the Bears would still have liked better starts — and more consistency — in those two wins.

One difference between the Bears and other undefeated teams such as the Patriots, Chiefs and Broncos is that they’ve played catch up much more. The Bengals and Vikings both had leads in the fourth quarter against the Bears.

It makes for great heroics and makes being 2-0 pretty impressive, but being behind and having to rally in the fourth quarter is a position that Bears would prefer not to be in.

(Please note the following statistics do not reflect the Chiefs-Eagles game played on Thursday)

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The Bears offense is still evolving under coach Marc Trestman, but that won’t stop him from bemoaning some big-play opportunities that have been missed in their first two games.

The Bears’ longest plays for scrimmages are quarterback Jay Cutler’s 38-yard completion to receiver Brandon Marshall against the Bengals and receiver Alshon Jeffery’s 38-yard run on an end-around against the Vikings.

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