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A completely tasteful music video homage to Michael Jordan featuring Miley Cyrus

Disclaimer: Everything about this is not work safe.

A promising up-and-coming musician once declared, “we can’t stop, we won’t stop.” To further emphasize her point, the young woman who added “twerking” to the lexicon of people who have no business knowing what twerking is has been featured in a tasteful homage to forever tainted the legacy of Michael Jordan.

Miley Cyrus, who was just shy of her fifth birthday during the Bulls’ last championship run, is prominently featured in Mike Will Made It’s “23,” a track riddled with references to Chicago’s premiere athlete. Truth be told, it’s a decent song if you’re the type who can appreciate a 20-year-old singing about getting down in the club while wearing Air Jordans. Maybe we’re a smaller demographic than I thought, but this was definitely the best of the Miley Cyrus-centric songs released this summer. Mike Will Made It’s hypnotic beats are a solid base as Miley raps about doing whatever she wants. Wiz Khalifa – never the most impressive rapper but always reliable – provides a nice foil.

There’s going to be plenty of people who feel inclined to criticize this song/video not for its artistic merits, but because it’s A Thing Miley Cyrus Did. All the more reason to embrace her as a pop goddess.