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An enviable rooftop is just the start of Guaranteed Rate's perks

If the undead ever rise or the virus spreads, don’t head to the army barracks or the shopping mall. Your best bet is to hole up at Guaranteed Rate’s North Center headquarters. The 50,000-square-foot loft has everything you’d need to wait out the ravening hordes — plus, it’s pleasantly sandblasted.

In 13 years, CEO Victor Ciardelli has built his residential mortgage company from a single-office operation to 167 offices and 2,800 employees nationwide. He also designed the flagship office, home to 750 employees who work within a few steps of a gourmet chef, masseuse and nurse practitioner — all of which can be found in-house. There’s also a decked-out gym with HBO, showers and a rooftop deck with an herb garden. Like we said, beats a bomb shelter. Ciardelli showed us around an office that’s hard to leave, even in less than apocalyptic circumstances.