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1 Fiery crash in Bolingbrook

A small plane erupted into a fireball and crashed into a bank parking lot yesterday evening, killing one person and severely burning another. [Sun-Times]

2 $800M for Braintree

EBay, which owns PayPal, is buying Chicago online payment processor Braintree for $800 million. The deal, which has been rumored for weeks, is the city’s biggest since IBM bought SPSS for $1.2 billion in 2009, John Pletz reports. [Crain’s]

3 Corporate HQ spigots open

If Power Construction got $2.4 million from the city to move here from Schaumburg, how much will City Hall fork over to get Archer Daniels Midland’s global headquarters? [Sun-Times Voices]

4 Clown on the loose

A man wearing a clown mask has been robbing people at gunpoint in Lakeview, presenting a nightmare for coulrophobiacs (people who are terrified of clowns, which is everybody). [Sun-Times]

5 ‘Playful’ new private school

Here’s a place where the school isn’t hurting for cash: Lakeshore East, where the city’s newest high-end private school is building two playful towers to justify its annual tuition of nearly $30,000. [Grid]

6 Short sales on the rise

Short sales are surging in Chicago, suggesting that homeowners and lenders are skipping foreclosure to unload properties at a loss — which is good and bad for the housing market. [Crain’s]

7 Rahm on pensions

Mayor Emanuel says his plan to fix the city’s looming pension crisis requires “reform, revenue and time.” It’s not clear that any of those are forthcoming. [Tribune]

8 Hedy experience

As Hedy Ratner closes out her distinguished career as head of the Chicago Women’s Business Development Center, Grid asked her to sit down with a couple of young entrepreneurs. She shares some of what she’s learned in this month’s Conversation. [Grid]