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The Evening Rush for Thursday, September 26, 2013

President Barack Obama pauses while speaking about the Affordable Care Act, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013, at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Md. The president is promoting the benefits of his health care law before new insurance exchanges open for business next week. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Oh no, Obamacare!

We’re all set for the big bad budget showdown with Obamacare in the crosshairs of the GOP. Today, though, was President Obama’s chance to fight back at those who have made some, well, kinda out-there proposals from Republicans. After West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin joined the voices asking for a year-long delay for the implementation of the individual mandate, Obama poked the Republicans in a speech, saying their biggest fear is if the Affordable Care Act actually succeeds. [Sun-Times, The Atlantic]

Pay up, Pat

A judge has put the kibosh on Gov. Quinn’s withholding of payment to state lawmakers and ordered the state to pay them with interest. [Sun-Times]


Harry Potter’s got nothing on Rahm Emanuel (who is totally a Slytherin), who magically found $93 million for the South Loop. [The Reader]


Nine members of the “Hobos” street gang have been charged with murder and the comparatively mild racketeering. [Sun-Times]

Wendy’s in

Wendy Davis is running for governor of Texas, sweet pink shoes and all. [Politico]

Seeing red

The Illinois Supreme Court will hear a three-year-old lawsuit against the city’s red light cameras. [The Expired Meter]

International spin

How the rest of the world covers violence in Chicago. [Chicago Mag]

Poison pill

“Breaking Bad” closes its amazing run this Sunday, so today we ask the question: who’s the ricin for? (SPOILERS, DUH) [Sun-Times]

Feeling Bullish

The Bulls open training camp tomorrow, and Derrick Rose will finally be back in action. Excitement. [Sun-Times]

Commish goodbye

So long, Bud, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. [Deadspin]

The Bright One

Mary Mitchell looks at two recent bits of news that shows how destructive gang violence has been on communities most affected. [Sun-Times]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

I, for one, welcome our new cowboy flying baby spider overlords. [CBS Dallas]