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'Transformers' team enjoying many Chicago bars and eateries

Michael Bay directing an “explosive” scene of “Transformers: Age of Extinction” in Chicago.

SEEN ON THE SCENE: Having the “Transformers” folks filming in town has been a great boon to the restaurant and nightlife scene — with director Michael Bay even checking out our newest joints, including a pre-opening party at the new Grid restaurant (in the old Baume and Brix site), owned by his pal, Jeff Krogh. … Meanwhile “Transformers” actor Stanley Tucci has made the scene at Michael Kornick’s Ada Street, plus Fabio Viviani’s Siena Tavern. … The past and present came together happily as Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his predessesor Rich Daley dined outside Gibsons Tuesday night with power broker Terry Newman — with many folks coming up to say hi. … Daley and Newman were also spied at neighboring Hugo’s Frog Bar the next night. … Meanwhile, Gov. Pat Quinn was spotted greeting voters at Hubbard Inn on Wednesday.