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Chicago-trained comic T.J. Miller gets crazy on morning talk show

T.J. Miller, via

When I last saw the Chicago-trained comic-actor T.J. Miller perform live, during a 2012 taping of Conan O’Brien’s TBS talk show at the Chicago Theatre, he ended a typically offbeat set by speed-gorging an Italian beef sandwich and then smearing another all over his face and hair. The audience ate it up.

In keeping with his far-out sensibilities, Miller — who was recently tapped for a Mike Judge show on HBO and stars in the forthcoming (and Chicago-shot) Transformers: Age of Extinction — recently appeared on a morning program in Kansas City, MO. Inexplicably, he was soaking wet. As he riffed on everything from an “awfully ominous” owl statue in the studio, a previous CD of his that failed to sell and National Pancake Day, host Michelle Davidson could do little but sit back and let Miller’s special brand of insanity run amuck. (Via

Check it out.