Kanye vs Kimmel: down the rabbit hole of the newest, weirdest celebrity Twitter beef

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Last week, Kanye West was interviewed by the BBC’s Zane Lowe about, well, a lot of stuff, including his new album Yeezus, art, and a whole lot of stuff. The 14-minute talk gave Kanye the chance to say some very Kanye things. (Example:“So I’m gonna take music and I’m going to try to make it three-dimensional, like … like inStar Wars,and the hologram’ll pop up out of R2-D2. I’ma try to make something that jumps up, and affects you, in a good or bad way.”) The entire 14-minute clip is below.

Never one to back down from a chance to have some fun, late night host Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with the interview, recreating with kids to show some of the absurd nature of Kanye’s quotes.


And now Kanye is mad. Like, MAD. And Kanye took to Twitter to vent his anger as Kanye is often wont to do, including digging up some new memes. (Warning: language is very naughty.)











That’s a lot of Kanye gold right there. From the insane Ben Affleck hashtag to the “Sarah Silverman is funnier than you” slam, all classic Kanye. Not that Kimmel was going to back down from responding.

So Kimmel kept his promise and told the story on his show last night, trying to quash any rumors that this was all a prank a la the twerking girl who set herself on fire.


Whether this is real or not, who care, it’s hilarious. All of it.

No disrespect to Ben Affleck.

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