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Rose having little problem fitting back in

Tom Thibodeau anticipated some rough spots with Derrick Rose returning into the mix after spending the last year-and-a-half recovering from a torn left anterior cruciate ligament, but the coach said on Sunday that a veteran core has made that transition much easier.

“There’s an adjustment,’’ Thibodeau said. “[Rose has] been around, and obviously the core of the team has played with him before so that’s to me a big plus. But you have to re-establish your chemistry. We start from a zero base from last year and build from there, but the fact that these guys have been together for a while has been a plus.

“It allows you to move along much quicker. Because we’ve been through it, and we’ve added a few things here and there, but the foundation, they have a pretty good feeling of.’’

Rose was once again at full-go on Day 2 of training camp, and doing do so with no limitations. In Rose’s mind the knee is a non-issue.

“I feel back,’’ Rose said. “I’m not worried about anything. I’m reacting when I’m out there. I’m just trying to win every scrimmage and just trying to push everybody to be better.’’

Much easier when there is a group around him that already has that push intact.

“A lot of mistakes and errors are being made, but you can just see the potential, especially because of having someone like Derrick back,’’ veteran newcomer Mike Dunleavy Jr. said of training camp so far. “He just gives us another element.’’