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Kickstarter has a project for all you fun-loving dancers out there

Each week Grid rounds up the most conspicuous Chicago projects on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site that connects everyday inventors with everyday investors. You may say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or perhaps, “Good luck with that.” But we’re not here to judge — it’s your money.


120-year-old printing press

Stop the … well, you know: “Printing presses — you can’t give ’em away” is apparently not true. Meekling Press, a group of writers and artists who met at SAIC, is seeking to acquire an antique letterpress and many drawers of lead type to create handmade books and ephemera. (Sorry for saying “ephemera.”) Seeking: $3,000 by Nov. 7.


Micro USB Nomad Cable

The Nomad is a 3-inch cable that charges any Android device via the USB port in your computer or car charger. (The Lightning version was Kickstarted last year.) Shorty fits on your key ring, so you always have your own charger and can stop asking everyone in the office. Raised so far: $18,649, or 133 percent of its goal.


Matt & Jimmy ‘MJ’ debut album

Matt Legrand and Jimmy Kibbons are an aspiring pop duo who’ve spent most of their money on dreamy backlit photography. But they still need funding to get to LA and record their first album. The pitch: “We love to have fun, write music and dance,” says Matt, who has a bright future at Grid if this pop star thing doesn’t pan out. Days to go: 18 to raise $15,000.

ABOVE: Jimmy and Matt. Photo courtesy of Edgar Ovalle