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1 Microsoft’s big buy

Microsoft, a company with widely unloved products and shrinking profits, is buying the handset business of Nokia, a company with widely unloved products and shrinking profits, for $7.2 billion. [Bloomberg]

2 Emanuel’s deal with Ferguson

Mayor Emanuel agreed to appoint Joe Ferguson, the fiercely independent inspector general who has been a thorn in Emanuel’s side, to a new four-year term starting in November — if Ferguson would agree to step down in a year. The surprise move follows a private meeting between the two on Friday. [Sun-Times]

3 Yankee Candle’s sweet-scented deal

Madison Dearborn, Chicago’s largest private-equity firm, is selling Yankee Candle to the company that makes Crock-Pot cookers and Rawlings baseball gear, for $1.75 billion. With the exit, Madison Dearborn roughly doubled its money, according to the [WSJ]

4 Crawford’s big contract

The Blackhawks signed goaltender Corey Crawford to a six-year, $36 million contract. [Sun-Times]

5 Billy Dec’s day

How does one balance the demands of family and fatherhood with being a ubiquitous hipster? Billy Dec shares his life-management insights with Grid’s Meg Graham. [Grid]

6 Mrs. Levy’s legacy

Eadie Levy, the matriarch of Chicago’s Levy Restaurants, died late last week at 92. “Her morals and values became the culture of the company,” which grew to have more than 25,000 employees, said her son, Larry Levy. [RIP]

7 Chicago’s murder split

The city’s overall murder rate has dropped by nearly 50 percent in the last 20 years. But in some neighborhoods, it’s actually gone up. This might be obvious, but the City Notes blog breaks down the data and uses maps to tell the story of a divided city. [City Notes]

8 Stuart Levine’s dramatic turn

Somebody wrote a play about convicted Illinois political fixer Stuart Levine. It’s called “I’d Like to Apologize to the People of Illinois.” Why not. [Tribune]