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Miley Cyrus on her controversial VMA performance, designed to 'make history' (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus addressed her talker of a VMA performance in a clip posted Tuesday morning by MTV News.

“I don’t pay attention to the negative because I¹ve seen this play out so many times,” said Miley, with the ennui you’d expect from someone who’s at least old enough to drink alcohol. “How many times have we seen this play out in pop music?”

The clip, shot last week a few days after Cyrus’ infamous twerk routine at the Video Music Awards, was provided to MTV News by a crew filming a documentary on the former “Hannah Montana” star.

Cyrus said her performance — one that’s been criticized for being everything from hyper-sexualized to a racially insulting minstrel show — was designed to make history.

“Madonna’s done it. Britney’s done it. Every VMA performance, that’s what you’re looking for; you’re wanting to make history,” Cyrus said in the footage, adding that people are “over-thinking it.”

Tell that to the foam finger community, which is still waiting for a formal apology.

Here’s the MTV News clip:

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Here’s the VMA performance:

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And here’s the best reaction yet: