1 On the brink

With a government shutdown looming, the Senate did nothing yesterday, opting to wait until this afternoon to send a bill back to the House of Representatives. That will give the House no time to do anything but vote to keep the government running, or refuse and bring some federal operations to a halt Tuesday morning. [NY Times]

2 We’ll believe it when we see it

Meanwhile in Illinois, where we’ve been politically dysfunctional since Congress was still bouncing on its mama’s knee, a key legislator says it’s “very likely” a pension reform bill could get passed next month. [Tribune]

3 ‘Obamacare’s’ a-comin’ …

Despite the daffy brinksmanship in Washington, the Affordable Care Act kicks in Tuesday. Chances are, you have no idea what that will mean for you. Here’s a breakdown. [Sun-Times]

4 … and Blue Cross is gonna blow up

Also, health care reform was supposed to make buying insurance more competitive, but instead it’s likely to make Illinois’ dominant health plan provider even more dominant. [Crain’s]

5 Look out, league

On the first day of Bulls preseason camp, Derrick Rose relentlessly attacked the rim. That’s a very, very good sign. [Sun-Times]

6 Augmented marketing

The latest in online marketing: augmented reality. Meet an Oak Brook firm that’s helping to make annual reports and funeral home tours jump off the screen. Plus, we’ve got a Max Headroom reference for you. [Grid]

7 The TIF monster, explained

Tax increment financing was supposed to be a smart way to spark development in struggling neighborhoods. Instead it’s become a $1.7 billion cash stash that City Hall can spend outside the budgetary process. David Roeder provides a primer. [Sun-Times]

8 Different thinking

Hillary Clinton “is running for president. It’s a foregone conclusion,” says an anonymous friend in this profile of the Park Ridge native in repose (for her). [NYMag]

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