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Cameron Esposito makes huge splash with late night debut

Cameron Esposito is (hopefully) a familiar name to fans of comedy in Chicago. Besides being an overall very charming and nice person, Cameron is also one of the funniest stand-ups to come out of Chicago recently. And then move to L.A., whatever that’s about. Yes, Cameron picked up and moved to the West Coast last year in the tradition of other Chicago stand-ups who had to relocate (see: Robert Buscemi, Ken Barnard, dozens more) to give their careers an extra push. After launching the excellent Stand-Up Mixtape podcast here in Chicago, she continued doing the podcast thing with a similar project, the just as awesome and even more successful Put Your Hands Together.

And last night Cameron made the leap to late night, hitting The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson where she appeared alongside another hot up-and-comer by the name of Jay Leno and made quite an impression on the two.

In other words, she was awesome. Duh.

Behold her performance below, mourn another comic who has moved away from the 312, and yet rejoice in the crazy success of a comic who deserves it (and so much more).