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Bruce Rauner invites Gov. Quinn to join fight for term limits

(Updated with Daley’s position on term limits)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner sent Gov. Pat Quinn a letter today reminding the governor of his past support for term limits and asking him to join the effort.

Rauner launched a new PAC, the Committee on Legislative Reform and Term Limits, which aims to put a question on the November 2014 ballot that would require term limits for state lawmakers and restructure the General Assembly.

It is an interesting political move by the candidate, who by saying he’s calling for reform is also calling out “career politicians” in Springfield. On Tuesday, Bill Daley’s campaign dismissed Rauner’s ballot initiative committee as a “gimmick.” Daley’s campaign tells the Sun-Times the former U.S. Commerce Secretary is in favor of term limits and will release his own plan at a later date.

Soon after Rauner launched the ballot proposal, critics questioned whether how he could both chair a PAC with no limits on contributions at the same time that he is a candidate in a campaign and must abide by the contribution cap. (See: Bruce Rauner’s new PAC raising campaign limit questions).

The text of Rauner’s letter is below, however, Daley’s campaign says it mischaracterizes the Democrat’s position on term limits — he is in favor of them but will lay out his own plan.

Here’s text of the letter:

September 4, 2013

Governor Pat Quinn

676 N. LaSalle St.

Suite 340

Chicago, IL 60654

Dear Governor Quinn:

The Committee on Legislative Reform and Term Limits yesterday launched an initiative to gather

petitions to amend the Illinois Constitution to include term limits and other good government


The proposal addresses the rampant corruption and self-dealing found in Illinois politics. It is a

bipartisan problem that deserves a bipartisan solution.

Both you and Bill Daley have expressed support for term limits in the past. Mr. Daley told the

Chicago Tribune in January that term limits might be needed to shake up the Illinois political system.

Unfortunately, in what is all too typical of politicians who like to sound good, but won’t lift a finger

when their actions could actually make a difference, yesterday Mr. Daley called term limits a

“gimmick” and rejected them.

You and I both know that the term limits proposal is a serious one that will help shift the balance of

power in state government back toward the citizens of our state.

That’s why I would like you to officially join the Committee on Legislative Reform and Term Limits

as a co-chair and have you champion the effort just like you did in 1994.

I look forward to hearing your response and working with you on this critical issue.


Bruce Rauner