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The "Ditka Dash" is probably the best 5k event you'll ever run

So it’s come to this.

In a world with a new 5k theme every week, we may have reached peak gimmick.

Come November 30 – two days after Thanksgiving – thousands of runners will take to Soldier Field for the Ditka Dash 5K. Participants will don their fake mustache, aviator sunglasses, and a t-shirt with a tie printed on it (all provided as part of the registration fee), all the while hoping that the tums and Thanksgiving left-overs will cooperate.

Of course there will be a post-race party, packed with thousands of unironic ironic mustachio-d runners probably smoking cigars, drinking Bloody Mikes, and demonstrating their best Chicago accents.

Registration will run you $45 until October 24, when the price jumps to $50.

[The Ditka Dash]