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Cutler talks wife's ticket, Johnny Football, Bruno Mars and more on radio

Jay Cutler returned to his weekly radio show on ESPN 1000 Monday, and joked that he felt less sore than usual after not being sacked during Sunday’s win against the Bengals.

“I haven’t really been hit since last year,” he said. “The first one’s always the worst … I’m getting older, too, I think.”

The Bears quarterback talked about the Bears win against the Bengals — but also about pop culture, his wife’s speeding ticket, Johnny Manziel and more.

A smattering of the Bears quarterback’s radio takes:

• On Bruno Mars performing during the Super Bowl halftime show: “Bruno’s gonna be good. He’s hot right now. He’ll do his thing.”

• On Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel: “Hopefully he tones it down; I don’t think he will.”

• On wife Kristin Cavallari being pulled over for speeding, only to have to pay her ticket immediately, after going to the police station, because she had a California driver’s license: “She was speeding so rightfully so she shoulda been pulled over and given a ticket,” he said.

He said Evanston has “some funky laws” that required her to pay the ticket immediately, and she had to be followed to the station by three police cars.

“Both sides probably wish they would have handled it a little bit better,” he said.

He joked that he’s not going to drive through Evanston anymore.

“Because I have a Tennessee license,” he said.

• On whether he’d ever appear in the ESPN The Magazine body issue: “Um, no no no.”

• On Clay Matthews’ hit on Colin Kaepernick on Saturday: “It was a late hit. They’ve got some bad blood between those two teams.”