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CPS staying open in heat as lots of suburban schools close or dismiss early

Dang, it’s hot!

So hot that a number of suburban school districts closed today, or will dismiss early, saying they can’t keep facilities cool enough for kids and staff.

CPS is open, though it also has classrooms and offices and entire buildings without AC.

Are you in one? Tell me about it. I’ll update the list here. Here’s where we tracked last time. Here’s CPS’ best accounting of who has AC and who does not, as of December.

  • CPS says schools are not yet on official Heat Watches but are recommending steps to take while temperatures are high. Meanwhile the district recommends drawing shades in rooms to keep out sunlight, turning off overhead lights, moving classes to cooler rooms and lower-level rooms when possible, keeping air circulating by opening windows (at those sides of the building not in direct sun exposure) or doors and using fans
  • Lincoln Park High School parent reports a recorded call from LPHS Monday night letting us know students could use the water fountains and wear light-colored, loose clothing as long as it did not violate school dress code — in which case they would be fined.