Budget busting, Bust magazine and the rest of the best business stuff this week

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Here at Grid we spend a lot of time reading what the Internet has to say about business. Or, as journalists like to call it, “working.” Every Friday, we let you benefit from our diligence by collecting the most interesting and entertaining stuff we’ve encountered this week.

How the last woman standing is still, well, standing

Bust magazine has a particularly complicated place in my heart. My first job was working for its competitor Venus Zine, where we regularly picked apart the feminist culture magazine as a way of making us feel good about our own feminist culture magazine. This was not a very successful strategy, and thus Venus Zine became the first time I had to turn off the lights and shut the door for a publication. It kills me to think of all those years of work completely erased from existence, and while I’m happy for Bust’s success, it’s always bugged me a little bit that they were successful. The Awl’s look at the company’s revenue streams and financial history make me a lot less jealous, and a lot more proud of what they’ve been able to accomplish. Turns out it’s more than just a great name that’s helped them survive. Sarah Collins

Why you’ll pay more for Uber and like it

Uber has been taking a beating over its surge pricing (that’s when they charge you more because there’s more people calling cars than there are drivers). In this interview, CEO Travis Kalanick refuses to give an inch on the policy. It’s here to stay, he says, so get used to it. Kalanick also dishes on fighting entrenched interests and their paid-for politicians. This is a tech guy who’s not afraid of a street fight. Brandon Copple

Finally, someone called the fashion police

Wearables … everyone’s talking about them, but no one’s, uh, wearing them. Because they’re fug. But the fashion industry is getting involved, with a bunch of CES-inspired collabs announced this week, like Intel x Barneys and Fitbit x Tory Burch. The tech world is slowly learning what fashion’s known for centuries: It’s not all about function, honey. Sara White

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In a corresponding move, the team optioned reliever Keegan Thompson to the Arizona Complex League.
Lawyers for the former City Council member argue that the former president is under indictment himself and “despised by a significant percentage of the population.”
Let’s be honest and call it a rebuild And, oh, an ownership change wouldn’t hurt.
Elements of the far right have essentially claimed that Communists are using taxpayer funds to build some sort of spy base or to promote the Chinese Communist Party’s activities in Manteno.
A trust fund is helping landlords provide rental assistance to the influx of migrants who have been bussed to Chicago.