“Star Wars” Rumor Report: “Breaking Bad’"s Todd as a Skywalker?

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Jesse Plemons as Todd on “Breaking Bad”

Thewrap.com is exclusively reporting today that Jesse Plemons, known as the vicious Todd in “Breaking Bad” and the heartsick and lovable Landry (Lance) in “Friday Night Lights,” is being seriously considered for a lead role in “Star Wars: Episode VII.” The Wrap reports that Plemons so impressed at his initial audition, he is meeting with J.J. Abrams.

Longtime fans might be asking about now, but what will become of our wooden handsome leading man we have come to — uh — not exactly love, but more like hate like poison? What will happen when Plemons, who in two very different roles managed to become a standout character in a heavily-scrutinized series, has to wax poetic on his feelings about sand? Or remark on giving up his trip to the Tosche Station for power converters?

Alas, we may have to get used to a new “Star Wars.” One with more than one or two stoic good actors in it. Maybe, just maybe, one with *all* good actors in it? Plemons, with his easy, underplayed style, definitely would represent a new sort of “Star Wars” actor, and there’s good reason to be excited.

Even if it’s just a rumor. Even if it’s — gasp — a planted rumor. There’s always a chance it will put a bug in someone’s ear.

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