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UPDATE 10:30pm

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UPDATE: 9:56pm

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UPDATE: 9:55pm

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UPDATE: 9:29pm

The Musical/Comedy category is, of course, ludicrous. To be sure, there were some big laughs in “Wolf of Wall Street,” “American Hustle,” et al., but comedies? Really? Leo noted this in his acceptance speech when he thanked his “fellow comedians” Bruce Dern, Joaquin Phoenix, Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale.

I haven’t seen “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” so it wouldn’t be fair to criticize the wins for Best Comedy and for Andy Samberg, but if that show is really better than “Modern Family” and “Parks and Recreation,” wow, I’m in for a heckuva binge-viewing experience!

UPDATE: 8:50pm

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UPDATE: 8:20pm

FINALLY we get a Shia LeBeouf joke, courtesy of Jim Carrey.

It’s great to see wins for Robin Wright (“House of Cards”) and Jon Voight (“Ray Donovan.”) Two fine actors doing terrific work in series that deserve a wider audience.

Jared Leto just won for “Dallas Buyers Club.” We’ve now had more male Golden Globe winners with ponytails than women.

Remember when Leto co-starred with Claire Danes in “My So-Called Life”? Whatever happened to her?

UPDATE: 7:55pm

I know they don’t let the winners know in advance, but U2 kinda/mighta had the feeling they were going to win for Best Song.

Diddy’s having more fun talking to us than we’re having watching him.

Kate Beckinsale wins.

That “All Is Lost” score guy looked and sounded a bit crazy, but he definitely deserved to win. In a movie with virtually no dialogue, the music was almost a co-star to Robert Redford’s magnificent performance.

UPDATE: 7:44pm

If Bryan Cranston and “Breaking Bad” DIDN’T win, even the nominees that upset them might have booed the decision. It’s ridiculous it took so long for the HFPA to honor Cranston. The last season of “Breaking Bad” was his first Golden Globe.

Matt Damon forgot his glasses? We’re already to the point where Matt Damon needs his glasses to read the menu or the Prompter?

Kudos to Jonah Hill for just letting us know the Prompter was cued to the next presenters. He and Margot Robbie did a nice job reading off the script page. (I don’t THINK that was a bit).

So far, very few surprises and about the usual amount of goofiness. Time for the Globes to step it up, even if that means more foul-ups, bleeps, bloopers and blunders.


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UPDATE: 7:08pm

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler look like movie stars.

Love that “Gravity” line about Clooney not wanting to spend one more minute with a woman his own age. Good lines about Streep and Scorsese as well.

As usual, the set is fairly horrendous. Looks like something from a 1970s variety TV special. And what’s with the two water slides in the background?

“McConaughey (lost 45 pounds for ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’) Or what actresses call, Being in a movie.”


UPDATE 6:35pm

I love Drew Barrymore, but of all the books I’m going to buy in 2014, her book about finding heart shapes in all sorts of things around the world is a book I’m definitely never, ever, ever going to buy.

Jennifer Lawrence’s bracelet fell off while she was  talking to Ryan Seacrest. Somewhere, some jeweler and 24 publicists were saying, “Nooooooo!”

Why do they make those actresses in those impossible dresses climb up to that riser for the interviews with Ry-Ry? There’s got to be a better way.


Please enable Javascript to watch this videoUPDATE 5:06pm

Golden Globes

You almost never hear anyone call the Golden Globes “prestigious.

That’s because they’re not.

Granted, the Globes have become somewhat influential in gauging the odds for the Oscars, and they’re now widely recognized as the second-biggest acting awards in North America, and when an actor wins a Globe, she (and sometimes he) often trembles and tears up and is reduced to a quivering mass of incoherence as she talks about the “incredible journey” she’s been on, and how this little statue “proves anyone can dream a dream and that dream can come true!”

The Globes also make for much better television than the Oscars, because Oscar has stick up his butt and the Globey has a glass of champagne in his hand.

They’re also kind of a joke.

We know this, and we don’t care. We know the Hollywood Foreign Press Association consists of fewer than 100 journalists who have to write as few as four articles per year to retain membership. Some of the members of the HFPA are well-respected writers who work for established media outlets. Others aren’t even full-time entertainment journalists or critics.

You can win a Globe with all of 25 votes. An actor who’s a real charmer on the junket circuit has a decided edge over someone who’s not so patient with the process.

Once the show begins, hopefully with some crackling good humor from comedic superheroes Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, nobody will care about the process. It’ll be about the winners, the losers, the boozers and the jokes.

Still. There’s something goofy about an awards program that has “American Hustle” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” in the category of Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy.

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