Ramble with Storm: Sun dog & Madeline Kahn

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, our family’s mixed Lab.

We set out and I thought, “This isn’t so bad.”

Of course, we always set out walking east, which means the west wind was at my back. When I crossed the street, a block over, the west wind caught my face full and I thought, “Holy sh@t.”

I am tired of this stuff. Tired of driving after little snows. Tired of driving in blowing and drifting snow. Tired of it snowing when it is too cold to usually snow.

In the immortal words of Madeline Kahn as Lili Von Shtuppin “Blazing Saddles” (greatest guy movie ever), “I’m tired.”

But there were rewards for venturing forth, even if the ramble was more of a quick stroll. We only made it to the bus barn.

But songbirds were out in force. I suspect a lot of people are keeping their feeders full in weather like this. And a lone mourning dove fluttered off as we neared the bus barn.

That’s as far as we made it, about the three blocks to the bus barn.

But we (or maybe simply me) were rewarded with a vivid sun dog seen down the alley behind the bus barn. The photo at the top gives a better view of the spectrum of color on one strand. The photo at the end gives more of its totality.

If you want a technical explanation, may I suggest going to this link from HyperPhysics.

I would love to tell you I completely understand the explanation, but that would not be true.

I was happy to be get back home and inside. So was the meathead.

And happy to have dug up the wonder of Madeline Kahn on YouTube. Yes, it did warm me up.

Or should that be heat me up.

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