Sue’s Morning Stretch: Experts weigh in on CrossFit while pregnant

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There was a time when doctors discouraged exercise during pregnancy. Now it is considered a good thing, and some moms-to-be seem to be embracing that idea to the extreme. (We can’t do anything these days without some portion of the population taking it to the extreme, can we?)

Many women are continuing to do CrossFIt, the popular functional training done at a high intensity level, well into their pregnancies, according to “Good Morning America.” But is it a good idea? While CrossFit itself has no official guidelines, it does say whether a pregnant woman should engage in CrossFit depends on what her doctor says, how fit she is and how familiar she is with the regimen. Listen to your body, one CrossFit trainer recommends.

Other  medical experts aren’t so on board with CrossFit while pregnant, though, thinking it could be too much for the woman’s body and for the baby she’s carrying. ABC’s Chief Health and Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Besser, says “anything that can put you or your baby in jeopardy” makes him “uncomfortable.” Besser recommends, particularly after the first trimester, walking, swimming, the exercise bike or pregnancy yoga. Things that require balance — skating, surfing — are a no-no in his book because the added weight has shifted your center of balance, making it easier to fall.

It’s nine months, ladies, six if you work out hard in the first trimester and then scale back. Sure, you may know YOU may be fine with it, but you don’t know if that baby you’re carrying will be. Do you really want to take a chance that could bring such dire consequence?

Elsewhere on the TV morning talk shows:

  • Because they all are on the same network, “Today” was able to score an interview no one else could possibly have: Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon together, talking with Matt Lauer about Fallon taking over the “The Tonight Show.”  Leno’s advice to Fallon included “don’t do any joke you don’t really believe in,” while Fallon says, “I hope I make you (Leno) proud.” Leno, as he has in the past, talked about the show and Johnny Carson, which is respectful and sincere, but I wonder how many of today’s young viewers know Carson and his work on the show? After all, the final “Tonight” was in May of 1992, almost 22 years ago. The comics might be holding on to a standard the current audience doesn’t have any ties to and maybe it doesn’t even fit anymore. 
  • Everyone loves to pile on the slings at Taylor Swift, but this morning her dress and entire look at the Grammy Awards won nothing but praise across the board on the morning shows. Such a grown up, classy look.
  • Speaking of red-carpet looks, “You & Me This Morning” talked with celebrity stylist Brad Goreski about how regular folks can get that same look. His advice: Glitter, glitter, glisten (as in skin via a good moisturizer or dry body lotion spray). He was so tacky about pushing the product he’s repping, I’m not even going to mention it. But going for a glistening look with the skin, that’s a good bit of advice, particularly in this harsh weather.

— Sue Ontiveros

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