Sue’s Morning Stretch: Does David Muir have to cut down Susan Boyle?

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Beyonce’s new album — the one released with no fanfare — has sold more than $300,000 copies, according to “Good Morning America.”

Last person to do the same in same time period was Susan Boyle, according to “GMA.” And apparently David Muir, the fill-in host on “Good Morning America,” had to keep stumbling over his words (he looked like he was about to start laughing) on how surprising this is because he doesn’t think of Beyonce and Boyle — who recently discovered she has Asperger syndrome — in the same category. Obviously he is only thinking looks — he’s that kind of guy on the air — but when you’re talking voices, there’s no doubt Susan Boyle’s is in the same incredible category as Beyonce. Beyonce is amazing looking, but her true beauty is her personality and there’s just a quiet charm about her that’s very appealing. She’s more than her looks. I get real tired of the little snipes the men of morning TV take at women.

Elsewhere on morning TV, “Today” had Australian trainer Michelle Bridges on talking about a person’s Fitness Age. This sounds like a better indicator of health than the BMI, It doesn’t matter if you are thin as can be and you have no strength or flexibility, folks.  Here’s more on fitness age.

One more thing: comic Rex Navarette was on “You & Me This Morning,” talking about his performances at the Laugh Factory (3175 N. Broadway) this weekend. A portion of the proceeds from his performances will go toward the Red Cross in the Philippines. (He’s been doing this for since the November tornado devastation.) Navarette said he doesn’t really making resolutions, but likes the idea of being “open to surprises” in 2014. I like that! — Sue Ontiveros

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