Who’s going to win Super Bowl XLVIII? Depends on which animal you ask

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Everyone seems to have an opinion on who’s going to win Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

But forget about those “experts” on TV. If you’re putting money on the game, you definitely want to pay attention to the animals, who have had various amounts of success picking the winner.

Which animal do you listen to? Maybe that just comes down to person preference. Maybe you have a scientific formula to determine which animal is more trustworthy. Whatever you do, here’s a roundup of who’s picking who:

If you listen to ZooMontana’s Ozzy the grizzly bear, the Broncos are going to win. He’s relatively untested, only having a 1-0 record in picking Super Bowl winners.

Hugh and Buffett, a pair of “psychic” manatees at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Fla. both have correctly picked the Super Bowl winners the past three years. Individually, Buffett has a six-year win streak going. This time around, Hugh has the Seahawks winning, while Buffett is opting for the Broncos.

Teddy Bear, a porcupine from an animal rescue in Dallas, has correctly picked the last two Super Bowls and is going with the Seahawks.

You definitely don’t want to listen to Clover the Groundhog, because he made his picks in December, which was a huge tactical error. While he did predict the weather would be clear, he did pick the Chiefs over the Saints.

Fred the psychic bunny is going with the Seahawks. His credentials for picking winners are unverified.

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