Sue’s Morning Stretch: Mom was right, cover your head!

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You see them all the time on L platforms or walking through the city: fools without hats, gloves or boots in our frigid winter. You know they’re doing it wrong, but are you sure you’re dressing right?

Dr. Jessica Shepherd of was on “You & Me This Morning” talking winter wear so we avoid frostbite and hypothermia. (BTW, she said if someone gets hit with either one, bring them out of it slowly. No plunging your hands in hot water.) This is good to know as we go into another weekend of snow followed by dropping temperatures.

Going out dressed big and bulky like Randy in “A Christmas Story” isn’t such a hot idea, said Shepherd; better to wear form-fitting layers (start out with synthetic one that’ll wick any sweat away from your body). Yes, your mother was right, wear a hat, the good doc said; and remember to cover all your head. You can lose 90 percent of the heat in your body with your head uncovered; 90! And again, mom was right, cover your mouth; Why? Shepherd says this way the air warms before it hits your lungs. Oh, and it is not too late for a flu shot; February is peak flu season.

Also on morning TV talk shows:

  • So many previews of the Super Bowl; kinda takes away much of the surprise, don’t you think? I did like that trouper Emeril Lagasse wearing a ref’s outfit on “Good Morning America” to choose whose Super Bowl dish was best: Tim Tebow’s or Joe Montana’s? He went with Montana’s wings, by the way. 
  • Christie Brinkley turns 60 on Sunday. She says she keeps in shape by doing leg lifts while brushing her teeth, according to “Good Morning America.” Oh and “special facials.” Hmm.

— Sue Ontiveros

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