Ramble with Storm: Warm-up, -18 & ennui

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Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm, our family’s mixed Lab.

Can’t really call the physical part of the Ramble a ramble, more of a ra.

I wonder if wild animals can have a ennui.

It was still brutal this morning–I had -18 on my thermometer behind the garage, two degrees warmer than yesterday–but there were some songbirds around and a few mourning doves fluttered off from below our feeders.

I really have no idea if boredom sets in for critters after a day like yesterday, but it seems like it. Even though today is nearly as brutal as yesterday, there was some wildlife coming out.

I am ready to be out and about.

I will say this for the meathead, even he has limits or a bit of common sense.

We did not even make it to the corner and he turned around. We did a quick turn in the back yard, the best photo was the one above of the raspberries, which I planted in memory of some special people years ago, in a snow drift.

That is the quickest the meathead ever took care of business. If it wasn’t for the fact he chewed open my good down vest overnight, I would take away his meathead nickname for a few days.

My limit on the cold was reached yesterday afternoon in the third time trying to jump our family van, without success. And I felt my core chilling down and spent an hour trying to come back to normal afterward

I do not relish the idea of trying to put in a new battery in van today in this stuff today. But at least we have power and a working boiler.

Yesterday, I could sense ennui settling in with the teens snowed in at our house, so I piled them into the working car and we drove around to look at the drifts and blowing snow.

That’s kind of the great adventure the last couple days, marveling at the severity of the weather. BTW, the photo below is from this morning and not a repeat of yesterday.

Though it feels like a repeat.

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