Union PACs sending jumbo checks to Gov. Quinn: $4.75 million cash on hand

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WASHINGTON–Gov. Pat Quinn is picking up jumbo checks from trade union political action committees based in the D.C. area. Quinn’s Taxpayers for Illinois main campaign fund will show $4.75 million cash-on-hand with the governor picking up the pace of his fund-raising as he builds an election-year warchest.

In the last quarter, Quinn will be reporting raising $1.85 million. He will tip the $2 million mark collected in recent months with additional checks received after the Dec. 31 4th quarter deadline.

I earlier reported that the United Association Political Education Committee, based in Annapolis, Md., sent Quinn a $100,000 check.

While Illinois public service unions have issues with Quinn, the labor movement–almost all part of the Democratic family–does not speak with one voice.

Other national trade union PAC contributions to Quinn’s campaign fund are, according to his campaign and filings with the Illinois State Board of Elections”

$150,000 from the IBEW, the electrical workers union PAC

$100,000 from the IUPAT, the International Painters PAC

$100,000 from the Laborers Union PAC.

$ 52,600 from the United Food and Commercial Workers PAC

$ 30,600 from the Laborers Political Education Fund PAC

$ 25,000 from the Ironworkers Union PAC

Also, Quinn will be reporting $250,000 from the Chicago area based Local 150 of the International Union Operating Engineers PAC.

Last month, the contribution limits were lifted for 2014 Illinois gubernatorial candidates. The restrictions came off because super-rich investor Bruce Rauner donated more than $250,000 to his GOP campaign, triggering an automatic waiver of the state-imposed caps of, per election, $5,300 for individuals and $52,600 from political action committees.

Rauner sent the Illinois State Board of Elections his self-funding notice on Nov. 13. So far Rauner has poured $1.249 million of his own money into his GOP bid.

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