Sue’s Morning Stretch: Alyssa Milano, patron saint of all new moms

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If I ruled the world, I’d nominate actress Alyssa Milano as patron saint of new moms everywhere. Comic Jay Mohr fat shamed her and she decided she’s not having it, according to “Good Morning America.”

Nothing gets a Hollywood actress in more trouble than having a few pounds on her. Alyssa Milano felt that sting when comedian Jay Mohr took a pot shot at her on a podcast late last month after the two had appeared together at a NASCAR event in Vegas, saying, “It seems like she had a baby and said I don’t give a —-. I read it on her gut.”

(I won’t  include the audio of what I said when I heard Mohr’s caveman comment. But I digress.)

Milano, who heard his assessment on Christmas (way to ruin a holiday, Jay), admitted on air to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez the remark hurt. The 5-foot-2 actress said she gained 55 pounds while pregnant with son Milo, who was born in August 2011 and still has 10 more pounds to lose. (Mohr has since removed that portion of his podcast, apologized  few times and admitted he went too far.)

But you know why Mohr, like so many others, thinks that all moms of newborns and infants should be immediately taut, don’t you? Because of all the actresses who have a baby and work like mad to have a washboard stomach immediately after delivering their children. And then pretend like they didn’t. I hate that. Because what does it say about you as an actress that you were able to drop weight and tone it up? Not a damn thing. Of sure, there’s discipline there — although my money is on starving themselves along with tons of exercise for a lot of them and possibly a little tuck here and there for a few others. But it has nothing to do with their talent as an actress. And yet it seems to be a requirement these days.

It sounds like Milano did what all women used to do: spent time with her cute little baby. The weight’s dropping slowly, but it’s coming off.  What a rational way to approach post-pregnancy weight.

And make sure you take a look at the photo of the former “Who’s the Boss?” star here from the same event where Mohr saw her and thought she looked like she was letting herself go. Really?

Here’s what else I noticed this morning. 

The Sochi Olympics don’t begin until Feb. 7, but NBC — which will be broadcasting the 2014 Winter Games — is gearing up the interest by featuring athlete profiles on “Today.” A matured Bode Miller was talking with Matt Lauer today. He’s participated in five Olympic games and at age 36 admits, “I definitely feel my age.” But did the five-time Olympic medalist give up? No! Instead he dropped 20 pounds (that’ll be good for that knee he had surgery on last year) and we saw a snippet of him working out in the gym with my those weighted ropes or as I call them, the “Biggest Loser” ropes. Good lesson for all of us: to get the most out of our bodies as we age, we have to eat well and get exercise.

Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser — who has helped Kelly Ripa, Shakira and Sarah Jessica Parker get their lean, toned bodies— showed some off the high-energy moves she includes in workouts that get results on “Good Morning America.” She recommends workouts that provide a variety of cardio, strength and flexibility. Don’t go overboard, the petite trainer says, but be committed. And she says what any gym rat will tell you, you gotta make it fun to you keep coming back for more. (BTW, that segment featured a photo of a Self magazine cover with Shakira baring her taut belly five months after giving birth. She looks great, but it doesn’t do anything to make Shakira a better singer than she already is.)

They always have a lot of wacky fun over there on “You & Me This Morning.” Comic Jo Koy was on and licking cream (or dip or something) of co-host Melissa Forman’s toes. Jo Koy doing his act on Saturday in Chicago. Keep your toes covered!

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