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Arlington Heights baby chokes to death in ‘tragic accident’

(ARLINGTON HEIGHTS) State child welfare officials are investigating after a 1-year-old boy choked to death Tuesday at his northwest suburban home in what police call a “tragic accident.”

Isaac Diaz choked on food at his home in the 300 block of East Seegers Road in Arlington Heights on Tuesday, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office. He was pronounced dead at his home at 1:28 p.m.

An autopsy Wednesday found he died of asphyxia from choking on food, and his death was ruled an accident, according to the medical examiner’s office.

“The Arlington Heights Police Department investigation concluded this was a tragic accident and there will be no further investigation by this agency,” a statement from police on Thursday said.

However, the state Department of Child and Family Services has launched an investigation into allegations of neglect in the case, according to spokeswoman Veronica Resa.

That investigation is pending.