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Damen Blue Line station closes for more than two months

The Damen Blue Line station closed Monday for more than two months of renovations as part of the ongoing “Your New Blue” project.

The Wicker Park neighborhood station will be closed for 63 days and is scheduled to reopen Dec. 22, according to the CTA’s website. Blue Line service is available at the adjacent stations, Western and Divison.

During the closure, customers are encouraged to take the No. 56 Milwaukee buses to reach the Western or Division stations, downtown, or other stops along the Blue Line. Additional buses will be added between Damen and downtown during weekday rush periods.

Additionally, the No. 56 Damen Station Owl Route will provide overnight bus service to link the closest stations in either direction.

The closure is part of the Your New Blue program, a 4-year, $492-million project upgrading the O’Hare branch of the Blue Line.

The Damen station renovations will include new lighting, roofing, and signage, as well as the installation of art and bike racks, according to the transit agency.