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Watch: The fastest 'L' rides you'll likely take

The CTA has been releasing a series of videos — the Brown Line is the latest, scroll down to watch — that show complete start-to-finish trips on its train lines.

So far they’ve put up Red, Blue and Brown line videos in what will either serve as an interesting, conductor’s-eye view to the agency’s hundreds of miles of tracks or as a painful reminder of how slowly your commute seems to go.

It’s undetermined whether the techno backing tracks make the rides more or less endurable.

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According to the postings on the CTA’s YouTube page:

The CTA has more than 224 miles of railroad tracks across Chicago and surrounding suburbs, serving the agency’s eight rail lines. In an average weekday, there are about 2,200 train trips making stops at the system’s 145 rail stations. For more than 100 years, the ‘L’ has offered a unique perspective of Chicago.

The remaining lines are yet to come, but you can spend quite a bit of time riding these rails in the comfort of your chair — or watch them the next time your train is stopped to remind you what it’s like to be rolling along.

UPDATE: Now online, the Pink and Orange Lines: