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Woman spotted riding on Divvy bike on Dan Ryan

Stephanie Kemen didn’t realize at first what her boyfriend wanted her to take a picture of as they were driving on the Dan Ryan on Saturday morning.

Kemen, a 30-year-old attorney, and her boyfriend were heading south on I-90/94 Ryan near the I-55 split just before 10:15 a.m. when they spotted a woman riding a Divvy bicycle beside them on the expressway.

“All of a sudden my boyfriend’s like, take a picture, take a picture! I didn’t even know what I was pulling my phone out for,” Kemen said.

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“She was crammed in there. Obviously we slowed down, rolled down the window and he was like, ‘you can’t be here!’ She was like ‘I know, I know.’ Then we felt bad. You could hear it in her voice,” Kemen said.

Kemen called 311, then 911 to report the bicyclist. She was connected to Illinois State Police, who had already heard about the woman. Police could not immediately provide information about the incident.

“I hope she’s OK,” Kemen said.

A representative for Divvy did not return a call for comment Wednesday morning.