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Some Wrigley rooftops face foreclosure

Just weeks after the destruction of Wrigley Field’s bleachers, some of the iconic Wrigley rooftops are being threatened with foreclosure.

Fifth Third Bank, which lent rooftop owners Thomas Gramatis, Max Waisvisz, Daniel Finkel and various holding companies about $18.6 million between 2006 and 2012, says the owners haven’t kept up with mortgage payments and owe in excess of $36 million in principal, interests and other fees, according to the court document.

The bank on Friday afternoon filed in federal court for foreclosure of the famous properties at 3617-3619 Sheffield Ave.

Waisvisz, one of the owners listed in the suit, said revenue was down as a group of rooftop owners battled with the Cubs over plans to renovate Wrigley Field.

“It was a slow season,” he said. “With the Cubs last year, [there was] a lot of negativeness towards the rooftops.”

The other rooftop owners named in the foreclosure declined to comment, through a spokesman.

A source close to the team said, “The rooftop owners have operated with unobstructed views for the last several seasons and this suit has absolutely nothing to do with what the Cubs have said or done toward the rooftops.”

The rooftop owners association has been locked in a long, losing battle with the Cubs and the city over the Cubs’ plans to renovate the ballpark by installing two jumbotrons and advertising that will restrict the views of the field from the rooftop.

The association in August filed a lawsuit against the city for approving the plans.

Teardown work began at Wrigley last month.

Waisvisz said he would consider selling his ownership in the properties.

He said, “It was a beautiful thing while it lasted and we hope it continues, but you never know.”

Wrigley rooftop foreclosure lawsuit