Web app replaces prime minister’s photos with cute kittens

SHARE Web app replaces prime minister’s photos with cute kittens

Seems like these days everyone loves pictures of cute kittens. And based on a Dec. 2013 poll, only 40 percent of Australians polled approve of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Some web developers have come up with what seems like the perfect solution: A web app that replaces what they don’t like (Abbott) with what they do like (kittens).

StopTonyMeow.com offers up a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. When you stumble upon a story with a photo associated with Abbott, instead of seeing him, you’ll see a cat.

It’s funny, and turns even the most serious news story into something a bit ridiculous.

And the kind folks on Twitter have started documenting the best ones.

‘This isn’t activism, it’s Javascript,’ Dan Nolan, one of the developers told the Special Broadcasting Service Corporation. ‘We were just taking a break from our day jobs, designing and building iOS stuff, and started mucking around. If people want to interpret it in that way, that’s fine, but they should know they’re being silly for getting hot under the collar about a line of code.’

This isn’t the only photo-swapping fun to be had online. With Rather, you can replace photos in your Twitter and Facebook feeds with things you’d rather see, or things that are just plain funny, given the subject matter of the story.

For example, what if every story associated with the White House had this photo:

h/t: Special Broadcasting Service Corporation

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