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Photos and video: Police chase on Lake Shore Drive

Authorities are reporting a chase that has ended in a standoff on Lake Shore Drive, involving an armed fugitive.

The standoff was creating a traffic nightmare on Lake Shore Drive, while other parts are completely shut down.

Here’s live footage from the standoff (Note: It appears the CBS chopper has gone to refuel):

And photos:

Police block off traffic to Lake Shore Drive during Sunday’s standoff. | Brian Jackson/Sun-Times

Police stand with guns drawn after Sunday’s police crash. | Jennifer Okray/For Sun-Times Media

Aerial view of the standoff on Lake Shore Drive Sunday afternoon. | Lee Hogan/For Sun-Times Media

The chase ended when the suspect crashed on Lake Shore Drive. | Jennifer Okray/For Sun-Times Media

A woman driving with a child and elderly woman were rear-ened by a vehicle that later fled the scene near the 1600 block of North Avenue on Lake Shore Drive. | George Slefo / Sun-Times

AP Photo/Courtesy Ed Bachrach