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Man who owes $555K in child support caught after 5 years

A Chicago man who owes more than $550,000 in back child support was arrested on a warrant last week in Uptown after evading law enforcement for more than five years.

Cook County Sheriff’s Central Warrant Unit officers arrested Cedomir Zuric, 52, on Friday night after receiving a tip that he was staying at a home in the 4300 block of North Clarendon Avenue, according to the sheriff’s office.

A child support warrant was issued for Zuric’s arrest in 2008, but he had avoided custody. He owes a total of $555,876 in past due support payments for three children, according to the sheriff’s office.

Zuric was released after posting a $23,462.24 cash bond, and is due back in court April 3 at the Daley Center.