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The Evening Rush for Monday, March 3, 2014

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said that Russian forces that have overtaken Ukraine’s strategic region of Crimea are demanding that the ship’s crew surrender. | AP Photo

Russia issues ultimatum

Russia issued an ultimatum Monday, demanding that the crew of two Ukrainian warships in Crimea immediately surrender or be stormed and seized, a Ukrainian military spokesman said. In Washington, President Barack Obama said continued military actions in Ukraine “will be a costly proposition for Russia.” [Sun-Times]

Sec. of State John Kerry is headed for Kiev. [Sun-Times]

Boehner: Putin’s a ‘thug.’ [Sun-Times]

Unanswered questions in Koschman case

Special prosecutor’s report doesn’t address what the Daley clan knew about the case or when they knew it. [Sun-Times]

Heading to work Tuesday?

Then you better not forget the paczki. [Sun-Times]

Snow more

At least that’s what one Philadelphia TV reporter is thinking, after nearly being buried by a plow. [Daily Dot]

How Democratic is your name?

Now you can find out with a click of the mouse. [Clarity Campaigns]

Crawford loses it, again

First the helmet. Now the pads. Someone please put GPS on his equipment. [Voices]

Maybe we should move north?

Results of a ‘highly scientific’ study are in, and people in Wisconsin last longer in the sack than we do. [Nerve]

He said what?

In case you missed it, the Pope has a potty mouth. [The Indpendent]

The world’s youngest billionaires

In the event you want to feel worse about the status of your bank account. [Forbes]

‘The epitome of what a public intellectual is’

That’s how people describe Rhymefest. [Sun-Times]

The Bright One

A look at the best dressed from last night’s Oscars. [Splash]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

Here are some GIFs of female gymnasts doing some ridiculous things. [Buzzfeed]