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WATCH: Plane, skydiver collide in the air — and both survive

When you hear a story about a plane and skydiver colliding, you’d be correct to assume that at least one person died. But in this case, you’d be dead wrong.

Saturday in Florida, 49-year-old John Frost of Gainesville, got anything but a smooth landing.

And he can thank 87-year-old pilot Sharon Trembley (that’s right, 87 years old), who was practicing some landings at South Lakeland Airport. The only problem is he didn’t see the skydiver floating down to the ground.

On one of Trembley’s passes, he clipped Frost’s parachute, which sent Frost flying through the air.

“I have never seen anything like this and this is the last thing I thought I’d see today,” said Tim Telford, who took pictures of the midair collision as it happened.

The plane then did a nose plant into the ground.

“I thought they were both seriously hurt. We rushed over there,” said Paul Fuller, one of Trembly’s friends who was also watching from the ground. “He’s a pretty good pilot. He’s been flying all of his life, probably 60 some-odd years.”

Amazingly, neither of the two men were seriously injured.

FOX 13 News

Via My Fox Tampa Bay