Poisoned dog saved by getting drunk on vodka

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When you’re on death’s door, getting wasted on a bottle of vodka may seem like the best thing to do. But for one dog, it actually saved his life.

For Maltese terrier Charlie, that’s what happened after he drank some antifreeze from his owner’s garage, the Herald Sun reports.

Without intervention, Charlie was going to get ethylene glycol poisoning, which leads to kidney failure — and death.

So some quick-thinking vets decided to get the pooch as drunk as possible off a bottle of vodka. Why’s that? Pure alcohol alters the chemicals in antifreeze and then can be flushed out of the animal’s system. Charlie got 700ml of vodka in two days — inserted via a tube.

‘For the whole weekend, Charlie had a huge party with us in the Pet ICU,’ Animal Accident and Emergency wrote on its blog.

And yes, the dog was hammered.

“He was definitely drunk,” Jacinta Rosewarne said. “He was stumbling around, I’d go to pat him and he’d push me away like a normal drunk person, he was vomiting a little, whining like a drunk. I thought it was hilarious … It was distressing but funny at the same time.”

via the Herald Sun

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